Everything You Need About Compressed Air

Screw Compressors

We provide a range of screw compressors, from 7.5 to 132 kW. These are made in accordance with the highest quality standards, using components only provided by the leading companies in the market, ensuring their reliability and traceability.

Piston Compressors

Our range of piston compressors varies from 1.5 to 7.5 kW, offering a multitude of options with direct and belt driven models including lubricated, high pressure, electrical, petrol and low noise versions to meet every professional and industrial application requirement.

Oil Free Compressors

We supply a range of oil-free compressors from 1 to 5.3 HP. These can provide an optimal solution for use in settings such as dental laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospital institutes, chemical laboratories, industrial coatings.

Air Treatment

We provide a wide range of products for the compressed air treatment. All of which have been tested to ensure the highest levels of efficacy and performance to meet your application needs and deliver high quality compressed air.


With years of experience in this industry, we can provide customers with the support and management required for the analysis, design and installation of your air pipework systems.