Air Treatment

We provide a wide range of products for the compressed air treatment. All of which have been tested to ensure the highest levels of efficacy and performance to meet your application needs and deliver high quality compressed air.

Air Treatment

Atmospheric air always includes water vapor and impurities. For the end user is extremely important that the air is free from moisture and particulate contaminants, as oil and dust. If these contaminants come into direct contact with the final equipment, the costs for maintenance would be very high..

John Casserly can provide you the tools necessary to obtain high quality compressed air, clean and dry, that is free from elements that can decrease the efficiency and reliability of the system.


Filters – Regulators – Lubrificators

John Casserly Engineering FRL units are designed to control output air pressure, eliminate moisture and contaminants from the air flow and to lubricate tools during use.


Water separator with a unique design that allows it to efficiently removes 99.9999% of Liquid (Water & Oil) & 99 % solid particulates down to 1 Micron.