Oil Free Compressors

We supply a range of oil-free compressors from 1 to 5.3 HP. These can provide an optimal solution for use in settings such as dental laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospital institutes, chemical laboratories, industrial coatings.

image air lab

In all these applications “Class O” is required:

  • Dental laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Hospital institutes
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Industrial coatings

Dental compressors to meet your needs

We offer a range of high quality air compressor designed specifically for dental practices. Our dental air solutions are from 1 to multiple chair practices and laboratory settings.

Quality pays

Though it is often hard to quantify up front, your experience has probably shown that good quality equipment pays for itself. In the long run, quality compressors last longer, with less frequent repair and lower service costs. Can you afford the downtime?

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