Screw Compressors

We provide a range of screw compressors, from 7.5 to 132 kW. These are made in accordance with the highest quality standards, using components only provided by the leading companies in the market, ensuring their reliability and traceability.

SCB – ECB Belt Driven


ies compressed air units supply a continuous, reliable flow of compressed air directly to the point of use without requiring a dedicated room. The ECB – SCB range, made according to high quality standards, uses components by leading companies on the market, ensuring reliability and traceability.

iCD Direct Driven Variable Speed


The new iCD range of innovative screw compressors opens a new generation in the compressed air sector.  Complete with frequency converter for operation at variable speed and equipped with a motor with permanent magnet technology, it allows energy saving of as much as 50% while maintaining great reliability and excellent performance in extremely harsh environmental conditions.