How safe are gate remote controls?

The new ARC code (128-bit, Advanced Rolling Code) in Beninca transmitters has rewritten the rules of the game for good, ensuring entrances are completely secure. The new ARC is virtually impossible to clone!

The automation of entrances has become a necessity, a must that increasingly adapts to our lives allowing for the smart management of domestic or work environments.

Automated entrances are commonly associated with high levels of security. The presence of a motor in the gate or garage door makes it far more difficult for would-be intruders to break in but is the key for opening these entrances, i.e. the remote control, equally safe?

As with the duplication of keys, something that can be done at any locksmiths, in recent years an increasingly large business has developed around the cloning of original remote control products. This has important consequences for the safety of our homes.

The possibility that somebody may be able to clone our remote control and access our home is certainly a source of preoccupation and fear.

This is the premise for Beninca’s new transmitters with Advanced Rolling Code.

A technology which, thanks to the high number of possible combinations (around 340 billion billion billion billion), guarantees total anti-cloning security.

The new code system represents a new departure for the world of automated access guaranteeing extremely high levels of security for your home that are only comparable with the most sophisticated bank transaction encryption systems (e.g. PayPal).

To understand this level of security, if a computer sent 1 billion combinations a second to find the device code, it would take 10,790 billion billion years to try them all.

The Beninca Group introduced this new code in 2016 and all products in the range are already compatible with this exclusive code.

And existing systems? You can guarantee their safety by converting them with an ARC receiver and equipping yourself with the relative ARC TO.GO remote controls.

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