Beninca Kit BULL8M

Up to 800Kg.

230Vac motorgear for sliding gates for commercial use up to 800Kg.

Release device enterely of metal equipped with personalized release key.

Maximum safety and accuracy during the operating phases of the gate thanks to the built-in encoder device.

The lines and the design make BULL a product perfectly suitable in the most different architectural contexts



Kit complete with all accessories:

  • BULL8M  Electromechanical 230 Vac geared motor with built-in control unit and encoder system
  • 1 LAMPI24.LED  24 Vdc LED flashing light with built-in aerial.
  • 1 PUPILLA.R  Pair of fixed photocells PUPILLA.R
  • 1 TO.GO2VA  Rolling code transmitter 433.92 MHz with ARC or HCS encoding (settable).
  • 1 AW Antenna 433.92 MHz aerial with 5 mts cable.