Beninca Kit DU.350NVE

Up to 3.0 meters

Oil lubricated underground motor gear for swing gates automations up to 3 m leaf length.

It is suitable to keep a low environmental impact.

The version with the DU.350NVE encoder ensures crush prevention and precision in the gate moving phases


Kit complete with all accessories:

  • DU.350NVE
  • 2 DU.350CF  Self-supporting foundation box with cataphoresis coating, max opening of 110°
  • 1 BRAINY  230 Vac control panel for 1 or 2 actuators for swing gates, opposing sliding, hydraulic operators, and industrial folding doors, with built-in radio receiver
  • 1 LAMPI.LED  230 Vac LED flashing light with built-in aerial.
  • 1 PUPILLA.R  Pair of fixed photocells PUPILLA.R
  • 1 TO.GO2VA  Rolling code transmitter 433.92 MHz with ARC or HCS encoding (settable).
  • 1 AW Antenna 433.92 MHz aerial with 5 mts cable.