Beninca Kit PR.45E24

Up to 3.0 meters

This motor gear is suitable for residential swing gates automations characterized by large columns and its 24Vdc version models ensure maximum safety and they can operate even in case of power failure through battery pack.

Designed with a sturdy anti-shearing articulated arm.


Kit complete with all accessories:

  • PR.45E24  24 Vdc gear motor for gates up to 3 m.
  • 1 BRAINY24  24 Vdc control unit for 1 or 2 actuators for swing gates, opposing sliding gates, and industrial folding doors with a maximum of 2 sections, with built-in radio receiver.
  • 1 LAMPI24.LED  24 Vdc LED flashing light with built-in aerial.
  • 1 PUPILLA.R  Pair of fixed photocells PUPILLA.R
  • 1 TO.GO2VA  Rolling code transmitter 433.92 MHz with ARC or HCS encoding (settable).
  • 1 AW Antenna 433.92 MHz aerial with 5 mts cable.