Idromatic Rio 100/12 Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

  • innovative and functional design;
  • pump with 3 ceramic pistons, rod/crunk system and brass head;
  • 4 or 2 pole electric motor, continuous duty with overload thermal switch;
  • elastic coupling between motor and pump;
  • delayed automatic stop/start system;
  • microleakages check;
  • reinforced, acoustic insulated chemical tank, self-extinguishing and 100% recyclable;
  • iron steel main chassis with 2 large wheel;
  • 1 revolving braked wheels 100mm;
  • ABS switchboard, class of insulation IP55 self extinguishing. Easy accessibility to the components;
  • 24 Volt switchboard;
  • separate regulation valve with the pump set to zero when the spray gun is closed;
  • direct feeding with chemical device in low pressure;
  • hose, lance with automatic gun as standard professional accessories.


1 Year Warranty

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Additional information


Rio 100/12

Max Pressure

100 Bar

Flow Rate

12 l/m


2.2 kW