ies ALD 9 Oil Free Compressors

  • Oil-free, single-user dental compressor
  • Power: 0.62 kW / 0.8 Hp
  • Tank: 9 Lt
  • Noise: 70 db(A)
  • Air Displacement: 175 L/min / 6.2 C.F.M


1 Year Warranty


The internal structure of the air compressor – with its double ventilation system for the forced cooling of cylinders and motor – has a performance ratio between “Electric Power / F.A.D. (Air Yield)”, which is extremely high and, through the employment of an air intake filter on silencer (patented system), even the noise level is greatly reduced, which makes this a product that is unique for its quality and silence while operating. The electric motor driveshaft – air compressor is composed of a single piece, which is sustained by supports, that are equipped with lubricated-for-life pillow blocks.  The company’s primary objective is to offer an efficient, powerful and silent product, which is able to satisfy any customer requirements.

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0.62 kW / 0.8 Hp



Tank Capacity

9 Lt

Max Pressure

9 Bar

Air Displacement

175 L/min / 6.2 C.F.M.

Noise Level

70 dB (A)

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