Kranzle Quadro 1000 TST Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

    • Integrated trolley made of stainless steel (option)
    • 7.5 m power lead
    • Cable reel
    • 20 m steel-weave high-pressure hose
    • Hose drum
    • Spray gun with safety cut-out
    • Total-Stop facility with delayed motor cut-out
    • Safety cut-out
    • Turbokiller lance
    • Spray lance with stainless steel nozzle
    • Continuously adjustable pressure control
    • Brass pump head
    • Dry-run safety
    • Ceramic-coated pump plungers
    • Receptacle for spray gun, lance and Turbokiller
    • Detergent injector with filter


1 Year Warranty


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With integrated hose drum:

The fixed hose drum puts order into the system. Never again entangled or carelessly layed down high-pressure hoses, that have to be detected or disentangled before starting work.
And moreover – the durability of the hoses is substantially extended!

With delayed motor cut-out:

Frequent switching on and off of the motor on medium sized and big Quadros can overload the power circuit and wear out the internal electrical components. For this reason the pump continues to work for 30 seconds in pressureless by-pass operation after having closed the gun. After that period the motor of the new Kränzle cleaners switches off. The motor is restarted when the gun is opened again.

With water tank:

The big water tank on all Quadro models is used as a water resevoir and buffer between water supply and pump.

With detergent supply at the suction side:

Detergent injectors at the pressure side, as used for standard machines, consume approx. 30 % of the energy, no matter if they are in operation or not. Due to the water tank it is now possible to suck detergents directly into the pump, preventing a decrease in the output and thus leading to an increase of the efficiency. The detergents can be sprayed without reducing the operating pressure.

Additional information


Quadro 1000 TST

Operating Pressure

30 – 220 bar

Motor Speed

1.400 r.p.m.

Max Pressure

250 bar

Water Output

16 l/min

Hose Drum




Power Input

7.5 kW

Power Output

5.5 kW


89 kg incl. accessories (empty water tank)

Dimensions L x W x H (cm)

770 x 570 x 990