ies are our primary supplier of Air Compressors. They offer a complete range of technological solutions for the generation, treatment and delivery of compressed air. We have chosen ies for their innovative and elegant work – a combination of both quality and reliability that pays close attention to the user’s requirements.



Idromatic have over thirty years’ experience in manufacturing hot and cold water pressure washers. As a result, their products can always be associated with the highest quality and a reliable performance. Their technological solutions demonstrate expertise, know-how and innovation.

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The Kranzle company successfully established itself within the market in 1974  by offering superior quality products. This is their top commitment and as it evidently still applies to all Kranzle products and solutions today, we are delighted to work with this premium brand.


Automatismi Benincà S.p.A. has become an indispensable partner in the automation sector, offering robust and highly specialized technological solutions to ensure the safety of residential and industrial environments.